Witness Blanket Fundraising Campaign Launch and Film Screening in Vancouver

The Friends of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights were honoured to host a screening of Picking up the Pieces: The Making of the Witness Blanket in Vancouver in partnership with TELUS. This event was designed to spread awareness of the history of Indian residential schools in Canada and the work of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, and to launch a fundraising campaign to secure the future of the Witness Blanket.

This was the first event of its kind in Western Canada for the Museum. We were delighted to be able to showcase the Witness Blanket documentary as a very important example of the work that we are supporting.

We wish to thank all of you who were able to join us for this special evening. Those of you who were there can attest to the importance of this piece and it’s potential to inspire change and promote healing.

For those who may not yet know, the Witness Blanket is a national monument created to recognise the atrocities of the Indian residential school era, honour the children and symbolise ongoing reconciliation. It is a large art installation, made up of hundreds of items reclaimed from residential schools, churches, government buildings, and other cultural structures all across Canada.

Picking up the Pieces: The Making of the Witness Blanket previewed this year at the Vancouver International Film Festival. It follows Newman and his team as they travel across Canada, meeting survivors and collecting these pieces of history.

Click here to read the full story behind the Witness Blanket on the CMHR website.

It’s our pleasure to share with you some images from the evening below.

From left to right: Jennefer Nepinak, Dr. John Young, Carey Newman OBC MSM, Cody Graham, Mena Gainpaulsingh and Sarah Player.

George Melville OBC and Dr. John Young.

TELUS Garden in downtown Vancouver.

Steve Giblin, Mary Anne Davidson and Sarah Player.

Sarah Player, Barbara Adams, Dawn Johnson, Ann Piercy, Dr. John Young and Deborah Wolstenholme.

Jennefer Nepinak, Nina Lyons, Paul Lacerte OBC, Charles Barber, Mena Gainpaulsingh.

A few of our wonderful volunteers from TELUS: Sean Dittenhoffer, Marlene Wells, and Carmen Salaberry.

Alexa Young, Jay Schlosar, Sarah Player and James Howey.

Paul Lacerte OBC. and Cody Graham.

Shafiq Jamal, Babbs Mann and Geoff Newsome.

Robert Booker, Lynn Mcleod and Martin McLeod.

Robert Hughes, Allen Hunt, Vera Hunt, Chief Edwin Newman and Vera Newman.

Dr. Simon Radkin, Zena Simces and James Dungate.

Dr. John Young, Tom Ferries, Sarah Player and Lisa Pankratz.

Eugene Lee and Mena Gainpaulsingh.

Carey Newman OBC MSM,  Madeleine Dion Stout CM and Dr. John Young.

Shane Pointe of Musqueam First Nation welcomes guests.

Shane Pointe of Musqueam First Nation.

Alexa Young, Vice-President of Government Relations, TELUS.

Carey Newman OBC MSM.

Dr. John Young.

Carey Newman, OBC MSM, and Dr. John Young.

Sarah Player, Senior Director of Development and Strategic Initiatives with the Friends of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, is based in downtown Vancouver and is available to anyone who wants to be involved with the future of the Witness Blanket. We are thrilled to be able to support this project and are excited to see where we can take it with your support.