Students showcase critical thinking, debate skills at National Ethics Bowl

When is it moral to disobey laws in a democratic society? Is our constitutional monarchy better than having an elected head of state? Should Canadians be able to pass on unlimited wealth without an estate tax?

These questions and many more were discussed at the Museum during the Canadian High School Ethics Bowl.

Launched in 2014, the annual competition brings together thoughtful, engaged high school students who have competed in regional gatherings and earned the opportunity to participate in this national gathering. Twelve teams, each with seven members, from British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Manitoba were present.

During an ethics bowl match, teams make presentations taking a position on an ethical dilemma. One team presents while the other poses questions to highlight alternative perspectives. Teams are judged on their ability to lay out compelling positions, raise valid ethical objections and engage in respectful and informed dialogue. Winning teams move forward in the tournament‐style competition, with one team eventually being declared the winner.

In addition to the matches, participants took part in a series of workshops and in‐gallery learning activities at the Museum.

Thank you for supporting these students as they learn and grow into respectful, confident adults.