Museum Featured Exhibitions

In its short lifetime, the Museum has already collaborated with an exciting range of corporate partners and individuals to bring engaging featured exhibitions to local, national and international audiences and inspire human rights dialogue and action.

Sponsoring an exhibit offers companies a multi-platform marketing opportunity to reach a diverse audience of visitors from at home and around the globe, receiving recognition in one of the newest and most talked-about museums in Canada and the world. The following exhibitions are showing at the Museum.

Rights of Passage

The Rights of Passage exhibition presents an overview of 150 years of Canada’s human rights history through the exploration of key issues and debates that have been central to the evolution of dialogue on rights and freedoms, justice and equality.

Go back in time through five “time capsules” of human rights events and ideas. Visitors will engage with multiple points of view that have been expressed within each time period, gaining some perspective on key questions and the evolution of rights and freedoms in our country.

The exhibition’s interactive, modern technology provides a unique, historically immersive design:

  • Ponder projections from a Victorian “magic lantern”.
  • Flip the switch on a wartime radio broadcast.
  • Turn the dial on a 1970s console television.
  • See virtual wampum beads react to the tone of your voice.
  • Watch social media light up a wearable technology dress.

Ongoing Projects

Friends works regularly with the Museum to determine which projects would most benefit from donor support. Our Regional Campaign Managers can provide more information about other key areas that need your support, including:

  • Free Wednesday evenings
  • Community Access Program
  • Educational programming
  • Public programming
  • Family Days (every Sunday)