Field trips open the door to knowledge and compassion

Your support means students are getting the knowledge and skills they need through educational programming about human rights.

When it came time to teach her students about human rights, high school teacher Natalie didn’t know where to start.

Her students, like many others across Canada, had different experiences with justice, equality and rights. Some had even experienced the terrifying consequences of having their rights denied or ignored.

What they didn’t have was a way to delve further into human rights while also developing understanding and compassion for each other.

But then you stepped in, ready to help.

Compassionate people like you know all too well that teachers like Natalie need support in this area. And you showed up in a big way for Natalie and her students.

Because of kind people like you, Natalie’s students were able to learn about human rights at the Museum through established educational programming.

Under the guidance of the Museum’s educators, the students got more comfortable with each other, despite their differences, and began to open up.

“Which isn’t always easy when dealing with teenagers,” adds Natalie. “I could tell that the students were building relationships, thinking more deeply about how rights and freedoms play out in their lives every day.”

This fundamental shift and deepening of relationships that you have helped students experience stays with them even after they visit the Museum.

“The kids are still talking about the field trip now,” says Natalie. “It’s truly inspiring to see their brains at work, thinking through how to make the world more fair, more just, and more free for everyone.”

This lasting impact is only possible thanks to people like you who invest in educational programming through the Museum.

Thank you so much for your support and for helping make field trips accessible for students like Natalie’s.

“With so many challenges in the world around us, it meant a lot both to me as a teacher and to my students,” says Natalie. “Thank you for creating a kinder, more compassionate world.”

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