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After discussions with our partners, we have decided to postpone this important event to a date when more people can take part.  

Stopping online hate and its real-world consequences is one of today’s most pressing issues, and we want to ensure we can reach as many people as possible with this session.

We are working with our partners on a new date and will contact you once we have it set.

Hate Goes Viral

Social media has put hate on steroids, accelerating the harm it does. But there are solutions if we are willing to work for them. Join us for an exploration of how antisemitism, Islamophobia, racism and homophobia look online, how their prevalence harms individuals and society, and how we mitigate that harm.

Dr. André Oboler, founder and CEO of Australia’s Online Hate Prevention Institute and an internationally recognized expert in monitoring and countering online hate, will share his expertise and discuss what action is possible to combat the proliferation of hate online.

One major contributor to online hate is a broken business model. Social media platforms profit from hate, both directly and indirectly. But what happens online doesn’t stay there—it moves out into society, shifting attitudes and beliefs and setting a new normal for what’s acceptable.

Dr. Oboler will examine real-world examples of online hate and share the ways we can play a role in preventing harm caused by online hate. Following his talk, participants will be invited to ask questions and engage in discussion.

Speaker | Dr. André Oboler

Dr. André Oboler is the CEO of the Online Hate Prevention Institute and an internationally recognized expert in monitoring and countering online hate, particularly online antisemitism and extremism.

In his role at Australia’s only charity dedicated to tackling cyber-racism and other forms of online hate and extremism, Dr. Oboler develops new methodologies and approaches for monitoring, measuring and responding to online hate and extremism and for empowering communities and increasing community resilience in the face of an increasingly hostile online environment and the negative impact this has on everyday life.

Dr. Oboler holds a PhD in Computer Science from Lancaster University (UK) and an LLM (Juris Doctor) from Monash University (Australia).

Event details

Date: TBD
Time: TBD
Location:  Bonnie & John Buhler Hall at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights
Address: 85 Israel Asper Way

This free event is presented by the Canadian Museum for Human Rights in partnership with the Jewish Heritage Centre of Western Canada. Please register to secure your spot for this important discussion.