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Vacant Chief Executive Officer
Catherine Thiessen Chief Operating Officer
Carol McNaughton Executive Assistant
Catherine Ayson (Maternity Leave) Finance Coordinator
Ed Quigley Finance Coordinator
Kathy Penner Director of Donor Relations
Steve Nash Regional Campaign Manager – Manitoba
Lynda Henriksen Regional Campaign Manager – Ontario
Alice Ogston Regional Campaign Manager – Alberta and British Columbia
Priyanka Singh (Maternity Leave) Regional Campaign Manager – Manitoba
Nuala Nazario (Maternity Leave) Regional Campaign Manager – Manitoba
Vivian Draward Director of Communications and Marketing
Kathy Honcharik Communications Assistant
Jan Canseco Tribute and Database Assistant
Penny Haywood Database Manager
Tara Sawchuk Research/Campaign Data Coordinator
85 Israel Asper Way
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Canada, R3C 0L5
Phone: 204-289-2002
Toll-free: 1-866-828-9209